Monday, November 21, 2011

dressing up for thanksgiving

I don't usually decorate for Thanksgiving.  When Halloween was over, Peter said we needed to take down the Halloween decorations and put up Thanksgiving ones, so I had to follow orders.  We kept it simple and inexpensive.

There are always $1 wreaths to be had at the thrift store.  I wrapped this straw one in strips of some of my favorite vintage stripes and then added the fabric flower made from my fabric scraps and the orange berry bush twigs that I got from the Halloween clearance at Target.  This was actually my costliest item at $3, but it was a garland, so I have a lot more for other projects.

We have a large blank wall in our living room which is perfect for changing up for the holidays.  I made a banner with small flags and framed some free printables.  The subway art print is from eighteen25.  The  other two prints are from Craftily Ever After.  All of the frames are from the thrift store.  I was lucky to find the one for the subway art print in good condition, but the other two were scuffed black frames, so I painted them blue (blended my own color from the grey, royal blue, turquoise, and ivory that I had on hand - it's amazing what you'll do when you live 40 miles from the store) and spray painted them with gloss.

 And our best Thanksgiving decorations are these ones that Ned painted.  He is such a creative kid.  He wanted to paint, so I suggested that he do the fall tree and make the leaves with Q-tips (saw this idea on Pinterest).  He did that one and then had to make the house on the left and the picture of friends playing on the bottom.  Love that kid!


  1. So excited to see you blogging again! Hang in there, things will always work out, just not in the way or timing we wanted.

  2. I LOVE your wreath. You are too awesome sauce for words. I take it from Diana's comment that we may not be neighbors? :(
    Love you! You guys are still in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. FABULOUS decorations! So glad to see you blog again. Sorry for the rough times, hang in there and find joy in the little things!

  4. LOVE your wreath. Love it so much that I'm pinning it, hope you don't mind!